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04 / December / 2018

AIT Worldwide Logistics Acquires UK-Based Freight Forwarder ConneXion World Cargo

Supply chain solutions leader AIT Worldwide Logistics announced the expansion of its global footprint with the acquisition of ConneXion World Cargo, a freight forwarder headquartered in London with five additional locations in Asia, Europe and North America. The agreement was finalized on Friday, November 30.

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19 / November / 2018

Which Country Am I?

We all love a festive brain teaser don't we? Especially one where you can win a prize! So why not try cracking this Christmas challenge for the chance to win a Christmas goody bag:

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19 / November / 2018

Christmas Schedule

Our working days over the Christmas and New Year Holiday are as per the following:

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05 / November / 2018

Cancer Fundraising Fun

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. That’s why this year our London HQ wanted to help with fighting to beat cancer by holding our own fundraising day at the start of November. Funds were raised in a host of ways including the sale of delicious cakes and cookies (which turned into an eating competition!), a dress down day for the staff where they could come in wearing their casuals and in return for the privilege, a donation made to the cause (although some seemed to think was fancy dress?!)

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08 / October / 2018

HZMB Unveiled

Late October saw the longest sea bridge linking the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macau open, nine years after construction began on the HK$120 billion ($15.31 billion) 55 kilometre long bridge. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) will slash the journey between Zhuhai and Hong Kong from four hours to just 30 minutes and further integrate cities in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) at the same time.

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26 / September / 2018

Stop The Clocks

Whether we like it or not it's almost that time of year again and we have to say a sad farewell to Daylight Saving Time for 2018! Therefore just a really quick reminder that the clocks go back by one hour, at 2am on Sunday 28th October 2018 in the UK and 3am in France, whereas it’s 2am on 4th November in Canada.

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24 / September / 2018

CETA - An Update

One year on from the Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) entering into force provisionally on 21st September, 2017 we just wanted to update you on the principle, which is helping to create jobs, strengthening economic relations and boosting Canada's trade with the world’s second-largest market, Europe.

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17 / September / 2018

Le Havre Aims High

Le Havre Sea Port, France are investing €500m ($583m) in infrastructure upgrades to complete it’s Port 2000 project. Our Paris Office Manager, Xavier Bonaccorsi explained, “ Container traffic here at Le Havre, France’s biggest container port, has increased by 14% in 2017 and these investments are aiming to further raise the bar and to catch up on its European concurrent ports ”.

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10 / September / 2018

CDS Phasing In

As we advised during the summer, HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) have begun a phased launch of the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) from the current CHIEF system (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) used to process Customs information electronically for importers and exporters (or their representative agents).

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29 / June / 2018

Competition Time - Name That Flag!

World Cup fever has certainly gripped ConneXion’s flag decorated LHR HQ over the past few weeks! We held a sweepstake and our staff then elected to fly their flags high over their desks until their team sadly departed the festival of football, which of course is the Fifa World Cup in Russia. In fact this is the inspiration behind our latest quiz question! For the chance to win a £30.00 pizza token for you and your teammates, delivered to your office the day after the World Cup Final (Mon 16th July), all you need to do email us at naming the country the below flag belongs to and you’ll be entered into the prize draw. Be quick though as closing date for entries is midday Thurs 12th July.

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14 / May / 2018

Anita Davies In The Spotlight!

In this Summer Newsletter, we continue our introductions of our key members of staff, ensuring your cargo gets where it needs to be, at the precise time it needs to be there! Anita Davies is under the spotlight and you cannot underestimate the passion she has for her position of managing the Manchester team; “ I’m extremely passionate about ConneXion and providing the best service at all times, my expectations from the team is high and they deliver this with ease. I like focusing on the tasks set in front of me, looking for solutions and overcoming those troublesome moments. Serendipity…. “ commented Anita.

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16 / April / 2018

What is General Average?

Simply put General Average is an ocean marine loss which occurs through a voluntary sacrifice of part of a vessel or cargo to safeguard the vessel or cargo from a common peril. If the sacrifice is successful, all parties will be asked to contribute proportionately to the losses based on their cargo’s value, as a shared event. Statistics show that this is not a common occurrence, however when it does happen, with the costs of a ship and cargo onboard frequently running into hundreds of millions of dollars, General Average claims can be substantial and often run into tens of thousands of dollars per container.

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21 / March / 2018

Chillin' With Millin

In our Spring Newsletter the focus was on our resident Canadian, Samara Millin - Branch Manager, Halifax N.S. Samara has worked in logistics for 23 years, of which 14 years have been with ConneXion.

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21 / March / 2018

It's A Marathon Not A Sprint!

Fresh off the back of last years successful participation in the Virgin Money London Marathon, Steve Smith, LHR’s Export Manager is running it again this April! The race is 26.2 miles to be precise and we know he’s been training hard and very committed to the worthy cause and will again be running in aid of Children with Cancer. Steve hopes to raise over £2000.00 for the charity.

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06 / March / 2018

Spring Forward!

With Spring in the air and the evenings getting noticeably lighter, Daylight Saving Time (DST) finally starts in the UK and France on Sunday 25th March and two weeks earlier in Canada, 11th March! Please make a note that on these dates clocks will go forward by one hour.

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19 / February / 2018

Top Of The Class

A massive congratulations goes to our London Surface Export Co-ordinator, Helen Bartlett, in achieving a First Class Honours Degree by the Open University and in Art History. This is something which we know she’s worked extremely hard for over the past 7 years in her spare time (when not watching her beloved West Ham!) to successfully completing the course. The fact Helen brought in celebratory Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the LHR Team makes her even more of a legend! Well done Helen BA (Hons) Open (Open).

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12 / February / 2018

Air Cargo Hubs up 6.8% in 2017

Air cargo volumes at the 20 busiest airports grew by 6.8% in 2017. These airports handled a combined 51 million metric tonnes of cargo. This represents 43% of global air cargo volumes.

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06 / February / 2018

Quinze Ans En Affaires

Or translated into English, Fifteen years in business! That’s right, ConneXion World Cargo Paris are now celebrating 15 years of providing a Global service by Air, Sea and Road.

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06 / February / 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!

According to the Chinese 12-year animal Zodiac cycle, the Chinese year beginning in 2018 is the Year Of The Dog. Therefore please make a note that the Chinese New Year holidays are set to begin on Fri 16 Feb - Mon 19 Feb for Hong Kong. China coverage is likely to be further affected as many staff take extended leave.

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01 / February / 2018

Beak Season

Our Hong Kong and Exeter Offices have recently been involved in assisting with the airfreight movement of Paper Sculptures, from the UK to Hong Kong for the ‘Birds and Flowers Art Of Paper Sculpture Exhibition’. Both teams managed to match our client’s respective deadlines and the shipment was successfully delivered on-time. ConneXion offer a bespoke service for time sensitive and exhibition cargo, no matter what the commodity. If you require any assistance with any upcoming cargo, please feel free to ask your local office for assistance. We are always happy to offer advice and provide assistance.

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30 / January / 2018

10 Years Down

This January we were pleased to announce that our Manchester Operations Supervisor - Matthew Downs celebrated his 10 years company anniversary.

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16 / January / 2018

Ready Set Strategize

Here at ConneXion we are always looking at ways to assist you in becoming more efficient with your freight. Plan ahead to avoid ‘Peak Season’ periods where possible and most importantly, lean on your ConneXion contact.

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08 / January / 2018

DG By Sea - IMDG Amendments

If your business is shipping hazardous goods, such as flammable aerosols or radioactive substances, you will be aware that you are required to label the cargo as dangerous and follow certain regulations under the rules of the International Maritime Organization. It’s worth our advising that the latest IMDG 2016 edition became mandatory on Jan 1st, 2018.

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02 / January / 2018

And The New CEOTY Is..

Christmas is over, New Year has come and gone but we’re pleased to announce that celebrating the ConneXion Employee of The Year is Graham Bond, Branch Manager – South West. In our previous newsletter we ran an article detailing Graham’s long career with us to date and his scooping of the award was well deserved. The other worthy finalists were John Howard (LHR Driver) and Xavier Bonaccorsi (Paris Branch Manager). Well done Graham and a special mention also to John and Xavier for being deserved finalists.

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20 / December / 2017

It Happened In 2017!

From launching our brand new website, to upgrading our Customs Clearance software, to expanding our commercial fleet of ConneXion trucks, right through to increasing our overseas partner network coverage and opportunities; it’s fair to say 2017 has been a busy year. As the year comes to a close, we plan to continue to expand on the services we offer to ensure we consistently exceed your expectations from us as a Freight Forwarder. Our aim is to serve you better and make your life easier. Bring on 2018 we say!

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04 / December / 2017

Heathrow Taking Off

In the wake of governmental approval plans to implement a third runway at London Heathrow Airport (LHR), the latest numbers have reflected growing cargo tonnage, and significantly, 13 successive months of record volumes.

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27 / November / 2017

Three Quarters Of A Century Not Out

When it comes to long service, seventy five years isn’t bad is it?! In November, that’s exactly how many combined years our London Heathrow offices’ Adam Lovett - Sales Director (25 years), Tom Dawson - Import Manager (20 years), Terry Odell – Accounts Supervisor (10 years) and Keith Walford - Night Driver (10 years), along with Kwan Kwok Lau (KK) - Air Freight Manager (10 years) from our Hong Kong office, celebrated being part of the ConneXion Team.

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13 / November / 2017

Thai Customs: Changes To Shipping Marks Requirements

Please be advised that effective 14 November 2017, all Import and Export shipments to and from Thailand must include a shipping mark on all relevant documents and outer packages associated with the shipment. Essentially the declaration must be actual and the same as the mark or label on the package as ‘no shipping mark’ will no longer be allowed. Failure to comply can result in a fine of THB 50,000 (around USD 1,500.00 / EUR 1,250.00)

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05 / November / 2017

20/20 'Mega' Vision

Rumour has it the Asia-North Europe trade will be almost entirely operated by ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs) during the course of the next three years, with the downside being that it will leave shippers with significantly fewer sailings each week as the ULCV era looks to tighten it’s grip.

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30 / October / 2017

Explaining ETD

Airfreight wise, in the event of Export ‘Unknown Cargo’ failing primary screening at LHR, or when air cargo exceeds the maximum dimensions to be X-Ray screened (X-Ray machines have a maximum height of 160cms, the same maximum height accepted on a passenger wide body aircraft) or is heavily dense – the aviation industry turns to Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) screening methods. Items such as cars, heavy machinery and liquids are typically screened by ETD due to the size and the unknown substance of liquids.

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02 / October / 2017

Grinding Gears

A couple of recent newsworthy examples of work undertaken by both our UK Export Ocean and Paris Export Air teams include sending motorbikes to South Korea and expediting 10 tonnes of instant coffee to the USA.

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28 / September / 2017

BIFA Standard Trading Conditions - Update

All business undertaken by ConneXion World Cargo in the UK is subject to the current edition of the Standard Trading Conditions (STC) of the British International Freight Association (BIFA). It’s worth pointing out that on 1st October 2017, updates have been made to these conditions to reflect the changing legislation involved in the transportation of goods, such as the introduction of the SOLAS VGM regulation. The amendments are as a result of the first major review of the STC’s in over 10 years, back to 2005 in fact and that the changes implemented will close possible ‘loopholes’ that were identified by industry experts during the review.

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24 / September / 2017

Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Europe and Canada entered info force provisionally on 21st September 2017. CETA will benefit both Europe and Canada by eradicating 98% of customs tariffs.

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05 / September / 2017

DG Experts

On the basis your business deals with dangerous goods including hazardous materials and chemicals and you’re looking for a top class freight forwarder you can rely on for specialist expertise and personal attention, then look no further. The movement of hazardous goods continues to be a real niche market for us, as our name and reputation becomes more synonymous with this commodity throughout the industry. A notable recent shipment handled by our Exeter office was a challenge! The logistics involved air-freighting a 2500kg flask on a cradle, which was also extremely time sensitive radioactive cargo to Helsinki, for re-working and the importation back to Sellafield – all of which proved to be water off a ducks back for our experienced team of DG experts.

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16 / August / 2017

Amazon Traffic Experts

In such a fast-paced environment, we know Amazon customers won’t settle for second best, so we’ve teamed up with the online retailer to deliver shipments from independent importers. Now, thanks to our incredible Amazon Traffic Experts, we make sure Amazon deliveries are customs cleared, unloaded from shipping containers, sorted, palletised and swiftly on their way.

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17 / July / 2017

3 Cheers For The Years

In June we celebrated ConneXion's 32nd birthday and also congratulated Keith Charlton - LHR Area Sales Manager and Tracy Smith - LHR Import Co-ordinator for their long service, each stacking up an amazing 20 years of employment.

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03 / July / 2017

Sesquicentennial in Canada

That’s right Sesquicentennial. Ses·qui·cen·ten·ni·al – the meaning being a one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary, which is what our Halifax office celebrated on July 1, the anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. The anniversary is to celebrate a political event, when the Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick came together to form the Dominion of Canada.

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28 / June / 2017

Referral Discount Bonus

To celebrate the arrival of the summer, we are looking to apply some further 'feel good' in the way of offering you discount to a forthcoming shipment!

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26 / June / 2017

'Qatarstrophe' in Gulf Row

At time of going to press, backlogs were increasingly likely in Qatar as a result of a spiralling diplomatic crisis in the Arab Gulf region.

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22 / May / 2017

Record Breaker

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) earned the title of the world’s largest containership (OOCL Hong Kong) by carring a capacity as the first ship to cross the 20,000 TEU mark.

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08 / May / 2017

EU Tightens Road Safety

A new law has come into force within the European Union, the new law now forces shippers to declare the weight of the cargo to hauliers transporting the goods within Europe.

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24 / April / 2017

A Marathon Effort

A massive well done to Steve Smith from our Heathrow HQ and Daniel Gregory from our Exeter office who took part in the Virgin Money London Marathon, which saw them run a total of 26.2 miles.

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03 / April / 2017

Importing Personal Effects?

If so please be advised that further new procedures have come into place regarding the importation of Personal Effects to the UK.

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03 / April / 2017

Carrier Alliances Reshuffle

As a knock on to the poor financial results by ocean liners last year, culminating in the collapse of Hanjin Shipping towards the end of 2016, April heralded a ‘shake-up’ of partnerships between the ocean carriers.

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27 / March / 2017

Comic Relief Reward

This years Red Nose Day, Friday 24 March saw our London HQ raise money by bringing in savouries and cakes in exchange for cash and by wearing red to work.

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06 / February / 2017

HKG & MAN On A High

Airport Council International has reported that Hong Kong Airport has retained it’s title as the world’s busiest air cargo airport in 2016, Hong Kong saw an increase by 3.5% to 4.6m tonnes.

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02 / January / 2017

Employee Of The Year 2016

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Exeter’s Ben Skett (Import Co-ordinator) has been nominated as ConneXion World Cargo’s overall winner of the coveted ConneXion Employee Of The Year 2016, as voted for by our staff.

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28 / October / 2016

Enforcement Of E-Manifest

In an ongoing effort to streamline the import clearance process, improve border security and make Canada’s border procedures compatible with international standards, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has begun the implementation of the eManifest requirements for Freight Forwarders.

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20 / June / 2016

A Decade Of Lewis

We are pleased to announce that Lewis Almond based in our Exeter office recently celebrated his 10 year company anniversary.

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19 / June / 2016

SOLAS Operating Procedures Announcement

On the 1st July 2016, the amendment to SOLAS comes into force which requires the shipper to provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) if a loaded container prior to loading onto a vessel.

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06 / June / 2016

UKACC Challenge Cup 2016 - June 2016

Saturday 4th June was an eventful and enjoyable morning and early afternoon of football for Team ConneXion as we took part in the UKACC Challenge Cup 2016, at Woking Leisure Centre.

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21 / March / 2016

Abu Dhabi Crew

ConneXion delegates from our offices in the UK (LHR & MAN), France (CDG) and Canada (YHZ) all successfully attended WCA’s conference week March 10-16 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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18 / December / 2015

Employee Of The Year 2015

Congratulations and "Tres Bien" to Xavier Bonaccorsi, who has been nominated as the overall winner of the ConneXion Employee Of The Year 2015 by his fellow colleagues.

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01 / December / 2015

10 Year Company Anniversary

We are pleased to announce that ConneXion Hong Kong's Eugene Chiu recently celebrated her 10 year company anniversary.

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25 / September / 2015

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Our London HQ were involved in raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support this week by hosting a coffee morning (as part of The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning With Macmillan).

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08 / September / 2015

Are You Importing Prepaid Ocean LCL Cargo From China To The UK?

Many UK Importers are still blindly buying on a C&F basis from The Far East and leaving arrangement of the shipping with their Supplier, thus leaving themselves liable to high and unforeseen UK costs, which they have no control over.

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03 / August / 2015

Paris Expansion Update


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01 / June / 2015

30th Anniversary Celebrations

We are proud to announce that this Summer it’s our 30th birthday! On June 1st 1985, Alan Spencer established ConneXion World Cargo.

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04 / May / 2015

Location Paris

Rewind 12 years when we first opened the doors to ConneXion World Cargo’s Paris office in 2003.

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06 / April / 2015

Paris Relocation


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