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14 / May / 2018

Anita Davies In The Spotlight!

In this Summer Newsletter, we continue our introductions of our key members of staff, ensuring your cargo gets where it needs to be, at the precise time it needs to be there! Anita Davies is under the spotlight and you cannot underestimate the passion she has for her position of managing the Manchester team;  “ I’m extremely passionate about ConneXion and providing the best service at all times, my expectations from the team is high and they deliver this with ease. I like focusing on the tasks set in front of me, looking for solutions and overcoming those troublesome moments. Serendipity….  “ commented Anita.

Here is a list of some of her favourite things :

Favourite Sport: Rugby League 
Favourite Band: Guns N’ Roses
Favourite Movie: The Goonies
Favourite Food: Italian (Gino style)
Favourite Location: Hudson, Florida

Anita Davies (right), attending a recent WCA Conference. 

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