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08 / September / 2015

Are You Importing Prepaid Ocean LCL Cargo From China To The UK?

Many UK Importers are still blindly buying on a C&F basis from The Far East and leaving arrangement of the shipping with their Supplier, thus leaving themselves liable to high and unforeseen UK costs, which they have no control over.

Suppliers are offered free or negative ocean freight charges to UK arrival ports… however upon arrival the Far East agent will recoup their loss by charging excessively high UK charges, such as China Import Service Fee (CISF), Rate of Exchange Differential (ROE), not to mention sky high handover charges. These are effectively compensatory charges to rebate the origin for the freight charges, or lack of them.

The solution therefore is to buy on an FOB basis (Free On Board), as this way you will already have budgeted for the charges and by shipping with ourselves, we will be able to completely control your costs and therefore benefit by massively reducing your company’s shipping budget.

If you are affected by the above, please let us help you!

ConneXion will outline to you what we mean, so please send us an example of where you’ve imported under prepaid (C&F) terms and all you need to do is let us know the origin, weight and cubic meterage/dimensions and we’ll be able to give you a like for like comparison. As well as benefiting by paying less, you’ll also receive a better level of service as we will control the shipments progress from beginning to end...

Kind Regards,

The ConneXion World Cargo Team

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