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28 / September / 2017

BIFA STC's - Update

All business undertaken by ConneXion World Cargo in the UK is subject to the current edition of the Standard Trading Conditions (STC) of the British International Freight Association (BIFA).

It’s worth pointing out that on 1st October 2017, updates will be made to these conditions to reflect the changing legislation involved in the transportation of goods, such as the introduction of the SOLAS VGM regulation. The amendments are as a result of the first major review of the STC’s in over 10 years, back to 2005 in fact and that the changes implemented will close possible ‘loopholes’ that were identified by industry experts during the review.

The changes to BIFA’s Standard Trading Conditions will be incorporated into ConneXion World Cargo’s contracts and a copy of the new BIFA standard trading conditions can be downloaded via our website.

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