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21 / March / 2018

Chillin' With Millin

In this Spring edition the focus is on our resident Canadian, Samara Millin - Branch Manager, Halifax N.S. Samara has worked in logistics for 23 years, of which 14 years have been with ConneXion. She  began her career with us by working at our Exeter UK location and then moved to the Halifax, Canada office back in 2006.

Samara is a keen problem solver both inside and outside of the office. Inside the office she likes to handle challenging shipments and work out the best way to move them within any time constraints. Outside, she enjoys participating in escape rooms with her friends and family. Samara received her Canadian citizenship in 2014 and really enjoys living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Favourite Sport : Ice Hockey
Favourite Song : Valerie, Amy Winehouse 
Favourite Movie : Top Gun
Favourite Food : Italian
Favourite Location : Crete, Greece.



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