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28 / October / 2016

Enforcement Of E-Manifest

In an ongoing effort to streamline the import clearance process, improve border security and make Canada’s border procedures compatible with international standards, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has begun the implementation of the eManifest requirements for Freight Forwarders. Starting November 7th 2016, Canada’s e-manifest regulation becomes mandatory for all import shipments with HAWB’s and House BofL’s coming to Canada. All agents must provide full pre-alert’s of these shipments to ConneXion World Cargo Halifax-Nova Scotia, prior to the shipment departing origin country, before the following cut offs :
Ocean   -           3 working days prior to sailing
Air        -           1 working day prior to flight departure
Road    -           2 working hours prior to departure
Failure to comply with this regulation will result in Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) issuing monetary penalties to ConneXion World Cargo and these fines will then be billed back to the origin agent at cost +10% to cover administration charges.
For emergency and urgent shipments please book direct with the airline between actual shipper and actual consignee with ConneXion World Cargo as the notify party. Please can you inform all staff of this new requirement and ensure all pre-alerts are emailed in full to prior to the deadlines listed above. For more information on e-Manifest please visit
If you have any questions, please contact our Halifax N.S office via email at or Tel +1 902 873 5285

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