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08 / May / 2017

EU Tightens Road Safety

On May 7 a new law came into force within the European Union, the new law now forces shippers to declare the weight of the cargo to hauliers transporting the goods within Europe. 

The new directive will mean that shippers with goods loaded in containers and swapbodies will have to provide hauliers with what was described by Freight Transport Association (FTA) as a “statement of compliance” - which declares that the weight of the cargo and transport unit added to the weight of the truck and chassis will not exceed legal weight limits on roads.

FTA have advised “that no one wanted entirely new legislation and that they have an agreement whereby using existing documents such as packing notices will be sufficient to the statement, while shippers exporting containers outside the EU will be deemed to have complied with the virtue of a valid Verified Gross Mass (VGM).”


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