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28 / June / 2017

Referral Discount Bonus

As you’ll hopefully agree as a client of ConneXion, we’re fanatical about the overall customer experience we deliver. We are always exploring opportunities to generate new business and we’d appreciate your help. 

Are you able to give us a referral to friends or associates who may not be benefitting from our services? If so please advise them they will earn a 10% discount when they let us know they were referred by you, upon contacting us. Then, when their first order is invoiced, we will apply a 10% discount to the invoice. You in turn will be sent a confirmation that a 5% discount will be applied on your next  shipment (freight, duty and tax are not subject to discount).

For more information regarding this offer and our T’s & C’s, please contact our London Sales Team. Overall, you have nothing to lose .. apart from a 5% discount from your next shipment of course.

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